Holidaying in Oltradige

As the morning sun glances out from behind the mountain range, adventure is in the air and the awakened desire to explore this beautiful holiday region.

Caldaro is a hub for leisure activities! Whether or not you are on foot, riding a bike or you prefer spending your time swimming and just soaking up the sun. Not to mention there is also a wide range of day trips available, so whatever your activity or plans, Haus Vial is the ideal starting point.

Explore Caldaro


Throughout the year, you can enjoy pleasant walks through forests, past vineyards and apple meadows, and climb imposing peaks. You do not have to go too far in Oltradige to have fabulous views. During your holiday in Caldaro, the local mountain Mendola is particularly well suited for hiking: with the Mendola funicular you can easily reach the pass - there are several wonderful hiking trails, such as Romeno or the Penegal.

Hiking Holiday

Cycling enthusiasts

If you prefer to cover kilometers on two wheels, in and around Caldaro there are various routes for mountain bikes, e-bikes or road bikes. Popular classics are for example Sesto or the Mendola Pass, for the rider loving curves and sweeps. The bike track along the Adige river, on the other hand, leads through Bassa Atesina, Oltradige and into the provincial capital of Bolzano - this route is also for less trained bikers! No matter where the spirit of the bike takes you, in the south of South Tyrol you can be riding from the first days of Spring til the golden leaves Autumn!

Welcome to the Biking paradise!

Days of pure relaxation

With all the action, you also need days of rest: the pure enjoyment of the summer sun, whether it be swimming or taking pleasure in eating ice cream at Lake Caldaro, this too should not be left out when planning your holiday. Water fun is guaranteed at the Lakes of Monticolo in Appiano or the adventure swimming pool in Termeno.

Be active at the lake Kalterer See

Winter in Caldaro

Caldaro and its surroundings are not only worth a visit in its warmer seasons. Winter in the South of South Tyrol is also a wonderful experience be it skiing, snowshoeing or sledging - Haus Vial welcomes its guests all year round!

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