Sun, lake and holiday happiness

The holiday feeling will engulf you once you see the Oltradige landscape. Haus Vial has the sense of a home away from home about it with out the hustle and bustle.

A bit of home - to switch off and to explore and enjoy. A little home - in St. Nikolaus, where the village center of Kaltern is not far and tranquillity is much closer.

Unmistakably quiet, private and homely. A friendly warmth lies within every room and every corner of Haus Vial - including the two newly renovated holiday apartments. Since the beginning the hosts have made this family business a warm-hearted place of wellbeing, always striving to offer the guests a complete tranquil stay.

In Haus Vial you are felt not only truely welcome, but together with the combination of the surrounding green vineyards the wide mountain views and the nearby situated Lake Caldaro you are treated to a continuous feeling of wellbeing.

Kaltern at the lake

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